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How Homes Sell

If you are selling your home, you need an agent who understands how buyers evaluate homes. Our marketing has only one purpose: to get buyers to see your home. Once buyers reach your front door, the job of marketing is over. Your home must now compete in two areas: features, and price.

If your home has more features that appeal to buyers, or is priced lower than comparable homes, it will stand out as the better value. Conversely, if your home lacks the features that buyers desire, your only option is to compete on price.

*To be effective, your home should stand out as one of the top three best values in your immediate marketplace.

Pricing your Home

Pricing your home accurately is the most effective way to ensure a successful sale. No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home. Many sellers are tempted to list their home with the agent who quotes the highest price. Please keep in mind that the agent doesn’t set the price, and neither does the seller. The market will set the price of your home.

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Once we have your home priced correctly, we’ll focus on presentation. You will only get one opportunity to make a positive first impression with potential buyers. Well-staged homes look better, photograph better, show better and sell faster than non-staged homes.

  • When needed, we will recommend professional staging to help you sell your home faster and for a more desirable price.
  • If there are repairs to be made, we will recommend trustworthy, professional service providers to address them.

You have the ability to command a higher asking price, and substantiate it, when your home is in top condition.


The marketing of your home will reflect an established history of how buyers search for, and purchase, homes.

  • 95% of buyers use the Internet during their home search.
  • 85% of all home sales in Atlanta are co-brokered. This means there is a listing agent who represents you, the seller, and another agent who represents the buyer of your home. As a result, marketing to other agents is our most productive activity.

The most effective way to get the attention of productive agents and buyers is through accurate pricing and great photography.


When selling your home, it is important to keep in mind that 95% of buyers use the Internet to search for homes. This means that professional photography is essential to any comprehensive marketing plan. More people will view your home online than will ever visit it personally. Getting and holding their attention—virtually with professional photography is one way to increase the probability of an in-person showing.

“Buyers perceive homes with professional photography to be worth, on average, 12% more than the actual price.”
-The Wall Street Journal

Internet Marketing

Your home will be prominently featured on, the country’s leading real estate website. We have made an investment to become a Zillow Premier Agent, meaning that your home will become a Featured Listing. Your Zillow Featured Listing includes:

  • Placement of your home at the top of buyer searches
  • Unlimited photos
  • Detailed descriptions of your home
  • Interactive maps
  • Area school information
  • Lead generation forms for potential buyers


When you list with us, we will place your home on more than 350 of the world’s leading real estate websites for unmatched exposure. For the most significant of these sites, we’ll provide you with statistics showing how many times your home has been viewed.

Property Website

We will create a professional-looking website to help you sell your home. The website features a top-level domain name and a custom rider sign.

  • Your home appears near the top of internet searches by address.
  • Effortless access for buyers to information about your home.
  • Ability to enhance descriptions and photos of your home at any moment.

Mobile Marketing

We will create a custom mobile website for your home that can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, replacing the need for paper flyers.

  • Potential buyers can immediately access details of your home on the go. We can also make useful documents available, such as your Seller’s Disclosure.
  • Unlike paper flyers, we receive an immediate notification with the potential buyer’s cell phone number, allowing me to follow up while the prospective buyer is still in your neighborhood.
  • This technology is the flyer box that is never empty. Nothing is more frustrating to potential buyers and sellers than an empty flyer box.

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